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More Problems As The Queen Mzansi Is Running Out Of Episodes!

It seems as if Mzansi’s favourite soapie The Queen Mzansi, might be forced to go off-air if the lockdown is extended, as the soapie is set to be running out episodes. The current nationwide lockdown, has also halted production on the soapie and problems seem to be pilling up for the show.

The renowned soapie which has become a fan-favourite is also feeling the pinch of the lockdown and things are not looking great at the moment.

Speaking to Sunday Times, the producers of the show said the episodes will be able to last until the first week of May, “We will not be able to deliver that content by the end of May. There’s so much going on behind the scenes. We are thinking about how we’re going to survive as a company, but not only that, we are thinking about how are we going to help our people.”

Another big elephant in the room is that the contracts of the cast and crew members, will expire at the end of May, but the producers said they cannot renew them because no one knows if the lockdown will be extended or not.


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