Letoya Makhene Returns To ‘Generations: The Legacy’ For Revenge

For the past four years, Letoya Makhene has portrayed the character that we loved to hate, Tshidi Phakade on Generations: The Legacy.Letoya joined the cast of the popular soap when it was relaunched in 2014..

She stepped away in order to spend more time focusing on motherhood and to pursue opportunities in the music industry.

“Leaving Generations was a spiritual decision and I needed to speak to God about it. I sat everyone down to tell them. They tried to convince me to stay but I believe my decisions were led by God.” She Said.

Letoya Makhene recently acted her way into her first lesbian relationship with Joburg businesswoman Lebo Keswa.So serious is the relationship that the two lovebirds have already consummated their dalliance and decided to get locked up together in one of Joburg’s posh suburbs during lockdown.

But Letoya’s character will make an astonishing return after faking her own death to escape Jack Mabaso.Only two people knew she was alive all along, her mother, Gog’Zondiwe and Sphe.She is back to reclaim her life and has a plan for Jack.After grieving the loss of his wife, Tshidi’s husband, Gadaffi finally committed to another woman and battles with forgiving Tshidi.

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