Uzalo Update:Nkunzi Crosses A Line With MaNgcobo… New Character To Put Him Back In His Place?

Just when we think Nkunzi has reached peak evil when it comes to dealing with his enemies, it turns out he does the same with his family.

After all, Nkunzi is not dad of the year when it comes to his son Sbonelo, and now he has turned on his first wife MaNgcobo.

Last night, Nkunzi didn’t take her disobedience well and the blow to his ego that he read her the riot act.

MaNgcobo had to spend the night in the church after Nkunzi chucked her out of his home.

He also descended on Nosipho, after he caught her raising her voice at Zekhethelo.

Nkunzi explained that no one speaks poorly to a member of the Mhlongo family, and if she didn’t fall in line, she would be thrown out like her mother.

Nkunzi got a sense of satisfaction from knowing that MaNgcobo was paying for her transgressions against him, by sleeping in the church.

He reminded MaNgcobo that she needs to respect him as a man and as a king, and he would accept nothing less than that. He told her that she needs to fall in line.

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Nkunzi is definitely getting under viewer’s skin with this male privilege and abuse of power which stretches even in his household.

He has become so toxic that people are hoping that someone will come and put him back in his place.

Rumors have been swirling that a new baddie might come on Uzalo and give Nkunzi a run for his villain money.

Vuyo Dabula was rumored to be the new character to join and rattle his cage but the rumours of him joining Uzalo were dismissed.


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