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Reality TV star Lasizwe Dambuza Helps R_pe Victim

Reality TV star Thulasizwe “Lasizwe” Dambuza has opened his heart and pocket to a r_pe victim.

He recently offered to pay for a woman who couldn’t get over her trauma to undergo counselling.

“I’m also a victim of r_pe and no one deserves to go through that, trust me,” she had said in response to a tweet.

Lasizwe then replied and said: “I am offering to pay for your counselling. DM me your details and let’s see how I can help you. I am so sorry.”

Lasizwe said: “Speaking up and talking about such a traumatic experience takes a lot of courage and guts.

“When I saw that tweet, I took it upon myself and I decided to offer my help and take her to counselling, so she can heal from it.”

Lasizwe said South Africa had a long way to go before men would stop raping and killing women.

“It’s painful to see reports of women being r_ped and killed every day. But we can speed up the process of stopping these injustices by unlearning some of the things taught to men while they were growing up,” he said.

“First, men need to learn and understand that no means no. The fact that some people find pleasure in being forceful needs to stop.”

Lasizwe said the woman would start undergoing counselling soon.

“She has reached out to me and we processed the payments for counselling,” he said. <

“The doctor said they will first do an assessment and then they’ll say how many sessions she’s going to need.

“She’s said she will continue going until she has gotten over the trauma.

“I hope these sessions help her, so she can continue with her life without being reminded of this dark time in her past.”

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