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Worry About Your Own Kids: Furious Zodwa Wabantu Slams Critics Of Her Parenting Style

Socialite and dancer Zodwa Wabantu has lashed out at critics who are questioning her parenting style. This comes after the reality star was dragged on social media for allowing her son to wear a “gold tooth” to school.

The issue started when the controversial dancer took to Instagram on Monday to post a video of her driving her son Vuyo to school. In the video, mother and child are having a good time with Zodwa singing animatedly.

Zodwa captioned the Instagram post with,

“It’s Monday. Take someone to school. Sing for him. Tell him you love him. Tell him to do better for the future and tell him to respect everyone,”


While some social media users applauded the dancer for her hands-on approach to parenting, others were more concerned about how her parenting style seemed a bit lax in terms of discipline. They felt that Vuyo should not be allowed to go to school with a gold tooth.

However, Zodwa was not having any of this. She took to the time to respond to the critics warning them to mind their own business and to leave her to raise her son the way that she sees fit.

The controversial dancer who always speaks her mind and does not take any prisoners said,

“We are in hell, look at your life and the problems you have. Over here this is my s**t,” she said.

Zodwa added that people who were worried about Vuyo should instead focus on their own children.

“Sthandwa, this is my son go look after your kids. What you feel and see is none of our business and your concern. Over here, this is my household.”

This is not the first time that Zodwa has expressed strong feelings about how she wants to raise her child her own way. In an interview with TshisaLive last year, Zodwa said that she often gets comments from followers telling her how to raise her son and she usually ignores them.

“I don’t understand how they can tell me how to mother my own son. I think it’s ridiculous but I just thought I should let him [the follower] know that if he’s really serious, he must try and adopt my son and see if he’ll do a better job. My son is happy and taken care of, I don’t think anything else matters.”


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