Good news; National Youth Development and SASSA to pay out R1050 to unemployed citizen on this date?

The National youth development agency is conniving together with the organisation of SASSA to form a joint way of helping the jobless citizens in South Africa.

The two distinct organisation will function together in setting up a way of bringing down the pace of unemployment and jobless citizens residing in South Africa.

It’s no longer news that the South African president came up with a plan of disbursing the sum of 350rands to all unemployed South Africans for half a year up till 2021.

The National Youth Development agency have been said to be set to address jobless citizens to send in their application for a sum of R1050 grant payment to be given out in the month of November.

SASSA grant receivers have also been given the option to be able to change their payment method from the post office to their desires bank accounts.

In the month of November SASSA and the NYDA will work together in sending the funds to beneficiaries account

– OperaNews


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