Jub Jub’s #youpromisedtomarrymeDrama.. Cheating Bride Exposed After Trying To Force Wedding

Last night’s episode of You Promised To Marry Me was a really hot mess and it didn’t have a happy ending.

Not like any of the stories have happy endings so far, but the craziness in this one was over the top.

So the prospective bride Francina was engaged to be married.

However she cheated on her baby daddy with another guy who drives polo. In turn, he also cheated on her because he could no longer trust her.

However she now wants him to marry her and wrote to the show You Promised To Marry Me.

She wondered why the guy wasn’t marrying her, although they both had cheated on each other and the relationship was toxic at best.

Here’s what the fans were saying about last night’s episode

“Lol hai Francina ke bad b***, lol Francina belongs to the streets. Yerrr “ke fetogile Bari ho polo drivers and quantum drivers”

This episode went from “You Promised To Marry Me” to “Uyajola9/9” to “Sikhipha ama files” very quick #YouPromisedToMarryMe

“So she cheated on him and now she’s wondering why the guy hasn’t married her till now #Youpromisedtomarryme”

“So Francina complains about using her own money to pour petrol in a car taking her own child to a doctor when Oupa can’t this girl must be crazy she is not well #YouPromisedToMarryMe”

“The bride is telling the people “Phumani” in their own home #YouPromisedToMarryMe”

“I bet Jub Jub when the lady said she and the guy are cheating on each other, he was like “how did I miss that on Uyajola 99?” #YouPromisedToMarryMe

“Weh! They were engaged. She cheated and he forgave her, he also cheats. This is Uyajola99 Extra mos. #YouPromisedToMarryMe”

“Sounds like Francina “belongs to the streets” #YouPromisedToMarryMe”

People also said they should bring more Xhosas on the show as they always come with extra drama.


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