This Old Picture of Ramaphosa Speaks a Thousand Words [Opinion]

A picture of President Cyril Ramaphosa eating with businessmen has resurfaced on the internet. In the image, an excited Ramaphosa stands with his white business partners as each man sinks his teeth into a burger. Dressed in suits, the three of them appear to be poster boys for capitalism, a system believed to be the cause of poverty and inequality in the country.

In the eyes of politicians like Julius Malema, the two white business men represent ‘colonial masters’, while Ramaphosa has been called their puppet. They believe the president supports a system that fuels the forces of “White Monopoly Capital.” Ramaphosa’s name has been placed among white businessmen like Ruperts and Oppenheimers.

In a statement from the EFF titled “Ramaphosa made by white monopoly capitalists”, Mbuyiseni Ndlozi highlighted that Ramaphosa was a product of White Monopoly Capital.

Ndlozi said Ramaphosa will never act for the interests of black people. According to Ndlozi, Ramaphosa only serves the interest of whites.

“The people of South Africa must know that Ramaphosa is a white monopoly capitalism stooge, who cannot disrupt their power for the gains of the working class. The ANC government under his watch will never act against the interests of white monopoly capital,” Ndlozi wrote in the EFF statement.

This image was reportedly taken before Ramaphosa became president of the ANC. It also brings to mind former President Jacob Zuma’s scathing letter to Ramaphosa. In the letter, Zuma also posed a question to Ramaphosa. Zuma asked if Ramaphosa’s companies ever did business during the so-called wasted nine years of the Zuma administration.

– OperaNews

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