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PowerFM radio show host Aldrin Sampear Finally Comes Out Of The Closet

PowerFM radio show host Aldrin Sampear posted a lovely birthday message to his boyfriend this Sunday on Twitter.

Many followers and fans were shocked to learn that he is a proudly gay man! His tweet began with the rather sassy greeting: “Good morning Homophobes”!

A homophobe is a person who is against homes_xuality in general for traditional, cultural, religious or societal reasons. Homophobia can be displayed as hate, disapproval or mocking of people in the LGBTQI+ community. It is also the cause of hate crimes against gay, lesbian, trans_xual, bis_xual and inters_x people.

The tweet by Aldrin was met with disapproval by women who were disappointed that they seemingly could never stand a chance to be with him, and by men claiming that being gay “is against African traditions”.

Many more comments and retweets, however, were in support of the couple. Sampear tweeted: “Don’t let my happiness disturb your peace maaan”!

He clearly knew that homophia is still rife in South Africa and the continent. Well, the message hit home for the haters!

No matter what your opinion of LGBTQI+ people is, remember to always approach situations like this with respect. Even more so if it does not harm or affect you in any way. All people are free to choose how they live their lives and who they share it with, except if they endanger children or have elements of crime.

Our continent is defined by colourful diversity and there is more than enough room for the rainbow flag to fly!

– OperaNews

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