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Jerusalema Vocalist Zikode Nomcebo Pulls A Sh0cker

What was supposed to be a sweet message of appreciation to her mom didn’t go according to plan for Nomcebo Zikode. Haters decided to gate-crash her cute post and question her god-given talents and success.

The singer and songwriter, who has enjoyed her fair share of success decided to show some appreciation for her mother, who she says is the reason for her success as a songwriter. She Tweeted a picture with her mom and captioned it…

“Dear mom ,You are the reason why I write soulful songs #XolaMoyawam #Jerusalema”

Unfortunately, trolls quickly rushed in to try and rain on her shine by asking her stupid questions, it was clear that Nomcebo wasn’t here for their hate. One Tweep decided to ask whether Nomcebo was referring to Jerusalema and she quickly shut them down.

Other Tweeps had more to say but Nomcebo decided to not waste her energy by responding to all of them any longer and just keep it moving.

“The Jerusalema song is an old Christian hymn- you restructured it though.”

“You are a singer and a song writer but the songs belong to Master KG”

This tired debate about who owns the song comes after Ntsiki Mazwai and many others felt that Nomcebo should be the enjoying the fruits of Jerusalema because she is the one carrying the song with her voice. Ntsiki went on to suggest that Nomcebo should get 50/50 from royalties of the song otherwise Master KG is taking advantage of her and ripping her off. Although it may seem like Ntsiki is just being bitter, she does have more than 20 years of experience in the industry and has been featured on many house music tracks as a lead vocalist.

Luckily more of Nomcebo’s fans came through for her and reminded her that she is the Queen that she thinks she is and that the country is blessed that her mother gave us such a gift.

“All the best dear sister. May God continue to bestow the best of His blessings upon you. Thanks for making South Africa a force to reckon with. Keep it up.”

“Love how you’re acknowledging your mother. As I always say, ‘When our children are happy, we are even happier.’ Give your mom a big hug from me, from 10,000 miles away. We are proud of you gurl!”
Don’t mind the haters Nomcebo, just keep securing the bag and killing them with your voice.

– ZAlebs


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