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PICS: Brenda Fassie was allegedly having a lesbian affair with this person

Brenda Fassie was one of Africa’s most incredible talented musicians, she had a sterling career spanning for nearly two decades before her untimely death due to allegedly drug overdose, her music touched many people and it’s still does she was a celebrity and only we knew her as an artist not personal, and so outside of music there are very few things we real knew about her , apart from that she was a strong woman who cared less about what others think of her, she lived her life to fullest paid no attention to other people’s opinions especial criticism.

Affectionately called Mabrr by her fans, she was described as the Queen of African Pop music , the Madonna of township or simply as The Black Madonna one of the continent’s biggest selling artist, Brenda dominated the music charts for many years and is undoubtedly one of the greatest Pop divas in Africa, and her legacy shall continue to live on through her music.

According to MambaOnline publications Brenda was allegedly involved in a lesbian relationship with a lady called Sindi Nkabinde (pictured) , in which she allegedly openly admitted to the rumours saying were true and it’s her life her choices , Brenda was briefly married for a year in 1989-90 but she never got married again after that divorce , she was a proud mother of one Bongani Fassie, for many years many people knew her but find it hard to believe the allegedly lesbian affair because it was very unpopular back then.\

According to Wikipedia in 1995 she was discovered in a hotel with the body of her allegedly female love Poppie Sihlahla , who had allegedly died of an apparent drugs overdose , Brenda underwent rehabilitation and got her career back on track, from 1996 she released several solo albums Now is the time , Memeza 1997 , and Nomakanjani most of her albums became multi platinum sellers in South Africa and the whole of Africa mainly Zimbabwe.


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