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Scandal’s Quinton Real Life Wife From Rhythm City Celebrate 12 Years Together

On TV we know him, as the eligible bachelor Quinton Nyathi, who started from the bottom as a waiter, to become one of the most powerful man on the show.

Brighton Ngoma has been playing the role of Quinton for so long and he’s so good at it that sometimes we forget he’s actually named Brighton.

Quinton Nyathi is much sought after by the ladies on and off screen, that many wonder if he is off the market.

Sadly he is off the market and he’s a very taken man.

Brighton Ngoma is married to fellow actress and singer Tshepi Mashego.

To those who watched Rhythm City back in the day, Tshepi Mashego starred on the soapie as Lucilla’s naive niece Diphuka.

Diphuka accused the rapper Spiro of rape then later on she went to hook up with the baddie, David Genaro.

Diphuka later committed suicide by drinking sleeping pills, that is how the actress exited Rhythm City.

Brighton and Tshepi have been together for an amazing 12 years and they tied the knot in 2017.

They also have a child together, who looks like his dad a lot.

Brighton Ngoma recently took to Instagram to celebrate 12 years of being together with Tshepi

The Warrior and The Princess. 12 years a slay.#warrior #princess #queen #king #mom #dad #slay #wife #husband” he wrote

Tshepi Mashego is always gushing about her hubby on Instagram as well posting photos with cute captions such as

My nyika my protector he makes me laugh till my belly aches! He’s my safe place when the world is a scary place! I love you my Song! May we share many more memories… and grow together. I choose you everyday!

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