“I just cried during S – E – X. Never in my life have i done something like that before”, she said

A very interesting post that captured social media users was shared on social media by a writer named Johnna Paige.

Social media engagements were so crazy towards the post, almost everyone who saw it replied and shared their experiences on Johnna Paige’s timeline. It took only few hours for the post to get more than 11 000 engagements in less than 20 hours… That’s how crazy it got people intrigued!

“I just cried during s_x. Never in my life have i done something like that before. Nobody talk to me for the rest of 2020”.

Whenever you have a little crisis regarding anything, just post it on social media, Twitter to be specific, and you will get more than the help you need. Twitter is like a good doctor because everytime a person has got a problem, it gets solved in a split second.

There are professionals on the Twitter platform, even people with so much experience. So, whatever you think is a predicament just share it on Twitter, you will probably find that someone out there went through the same thing you’re going through, which means you will get help or advices on how to overcome your particular problems for good…

For a mere fact that Johnna Paige knows very well that people do jump to conclusions rapidly, she stamped her statement by confirming that she wasn’t raped and also said :

“one thing I’ve learned off my expected viral tweet is that a lot of you don’t take the time to explore /learn about your partner(s) body during s_x and that’s extremely unfortunate”.

Let’s check what the tweeps had to say about Johnna Paige’s tweet :


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