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Comedian who wears his clothes with price tags was given R10 000 by Shoprite, and he’s going crazy

SABC Livhu is gushing over the monies given to him by Shoprite and TWT family. Shoprite gave him R10 000 and a week later TWT family gave him R21 000.

The total of R31 000 is driving SABC Livhu crazy on social media. He has even come up with a saying ‘ Muthu ndi SABC Livhu, vhathu ndi vha tevheli vhawe’ through which he was just saying ‘I’m the person, and they are my people’.

He is happy and it’s a pity to those who hate him because he just won’t fall as he says , he has the whole of Venda on his online TV and the businesses he is promoting are succeeding, thus strengthening the relationship he has with the people.

SABC Livhu is that comedian from Venda who wears his clothes with price tags. His birth name is Livhuwani Madadzhe and he’s nicknamed ‘kutoho’, which means small head.

He is doing a great job, his online TV is probably the television channel that Venda people never had. He is of good use to the community, and business people have showed interest in the job that he is doing.

He started as a comedian but now he is more than that. He promotes local businesses, he calls upon communities to help those who are struggling to make ends meet for their families. He works with traditional leaders and religious leaders such as Prophet Innocent Muritho, together serving the community of Venda as a whole.

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