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Generations The Legacy Actress Manaka Ranaka Says She Is Not Feeling Well At All!

Generations The Legacy star Manaka Ranaka, has left her fans feeling concerned after she took to social media to announce that she was not feeling well.

The actress who recently confirmed that she is expecting a baby, took Instagram to post a snap of a porridge prepared by her father and said she was not feeling well “Meal for the ill.. motogo wa ting prepared by my dad. This is about the only thing I can eat right now. Not feeling well at all,” she wrote.

Fans wished her a speedy recovery including former Uzalo actor Khaya Dladla.

It is no secret that during pregnancy most women get sick and this has become very common, so we hope it was nothing hectic.

Manaka recently confirmed to Daily Sun that she has a bun baking in the oven. The actress who is not a first-time mom slammed those who said they hope she is carrying a baby boy.

“It’s the same feeling I felt when I had my two daughters, so this experience is nothing new. People have been saying they hope I’m carrying a boy, but we’ll see. I look forward to giving birth to a child. I don’t care if it’s a boy or a girl, as long as it’s not an animal,” she said.

“Boys and girls are equally important and have different functions in society. “I don’t believe that boys are necessarily better. According to society and culture norms, they’re carriers of legacies. Girls also bring kids into this world,” she added.

Manaka portrays the role of Lucy Diale on Generations The Legacy and she told the publication that she will be going on maternity leave soon.

“I’m still working, but will go on leave a few weeks from now. Lucy will also be gone,” she said.

Manaka’s eldest daughter Katlego recently welcomed her bundle of joy a few weeks ago and the actress shared on social media how excited she was of becoming a gogo. The actress has been posting her baby daddy on social media and he looks hella hot!

We wish her a speedy recovery.

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