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PIC: Busiswa’s Bikini Pics Break The Internet

Once a person reaches a milestone they just never want to stop bragging about it and this is the case with Busiswa Gqulu who’s dramatic body transformation has almost everyone headed for the gym.

Musician and one of Mzansi’s greatest performers broke the internet when she first debuted her slimmer body. The hitmaker has always been confident when it comes to her weight, she has even sung about it.

Wishing the Economic Freedom Fighters a happy birthday, Busiswa shared pictures of herself dressed in a black bodysuit, where her weight loss was clearly visible.

She has done it again, and this time dressed in a black bikini showing a little bit more of her gorgeous body. Wearing her crown with pride, she shared the picture of her on the poolside and rocking some shades.

Whilst social media has allowed people to be key board warriors and troll people, a mean follower got a stinging clapback from the Black is King singer. She said she preferred Busiswa with her old body but the musician was not going to take the insult dressed as a compliment lying down.

“Who asked you to think? Was it painful? Why was my body on your mind? Which love is this that shows disapproval & negative energy at the same time? Do you mind keeping it? Thanks.” she fired back

Busiswa received some praises from followers for being an inspiration to them. Last year she was trolled for her Ackermans lingerie photo shoot but now her banging body has been celebrated.

Now the tables have turned and her weight loss and summer body took center stage. As people have been stress eating during lockdown, Busiswa saw it fit to work on her body goals and summer body, making trolls green with envy.

Fans were mad at her for pulling a Cassper Nyovest on them when she revealed her body. Her response was: “I can explain.”

Cassper has always labelled himself a ‘sexy chubby ni**a’ but stunned fans when he revealed his 6-pack.

This year Cassper Nyovest opened up about his weight loss problems, “My ability to gain weight needs to do something for me at some point. Isn’t there a competition somewhere in the world nje where I can eat burgers, pizzas and sushi and just become a champion and win money?” he asked his followers.

He then advised fans on how to lose weight and for how long, “My weight fluctuates, but the key is to learn about food and to be honest with yourself. Can’t be eating what you’re not supposed to eat and wish for results. You have to completely stop the rubbish for at least 12 weeks to see drastic results. Then it’s a maintenance thing,” he wrote.

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