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Fuming Dr Malinga threatens to kill his bother-in-law

Thapelo Morolle hasn’t been home for more than a week. This is because the 31-year-old from Winterveld, Tshwane fears for his life.

He claimed musician Dr Malinga threatened to kill him for allegedly taking his laptop.But Thapelo said he didn’t take Malinga’s laptop. He claimed his brother-in-law asked him to charge it.

“He later came back and took it with him. I didn’t even know it was Dr Malinga’s laptop until they both came back the following day looking for it.” Thapelo said when he told them he didn’t have the laptop, they called the police on him.

I was held in holding cells for four days and they never charged me before letting me go. Malinga told me he was going to kill me if I didn’t give him his laptop back.

But Dr Malinga said he never threatened to kill Thapelo, but was looking for him as he allegedly stole his laptop worth R22 000. “The laptop was taken from my car last month. I forgot to lock it and the guy’s brother-in-law took it.

He told Daily Sun Thapelo’s sister told him the laptop was sold for R800 in the Tshwane CBD.

I paid a fortune for it and they sold it for peanuts. That laptop has my music on it. I want it back,” he said.

Malinga said he opened a case of theft and they were looking for Thapelo. He said he didn’t want the story to be published. I don’t want to see the story in the paper. I just want my laptop,” he said.

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