Man Catches His Wife With Another Man in Bed – Then This Happened

Seriously I wonder why some people so derive joy, when they cheat on wither their husband or their wife. Is there anything positive and good credit that it really add to their life, their status and lifestyle as long as human race is concerned. Once you get married to your partner, he or she owns you completely mad totally, you should always allow the person have full access to you. Cheating on your partner for any reason is totally Wrong, it is quit unacceptable by all region. No region including Christian Religion applauds, or preaches full support to cheating in marriage and relationship.

Just these evening I came across a cheating story on the internet, where a Man was alleged to have caught his wife, with another man on their matrimonial bed. As the marriage is said to have not lasted up to a month.

According to the information gathered by the source, the man alleged that his wife told him that their landlord, wooed her and told her vividly that he is interested in her. Bu assured him that she shouldn’t panic. But to the greatest surprise of the Man, he caught them sleeping together in his matrimonial bed.

According to the report provided by the source, the man whose name was not given for security reasons, stated that he nearly stabbed the Man at his back, when he caught them but he was able to hold his anger, if not he would have committed murder.

“I was very angry and mad at him when I caught them red-handed. I nearly stabbed him at his back but I was able to calm myself. Right now am moving out of our apartment before the end of this month, I can’t stand the shame”, the man said.

Meanwhile, according to the source, the unidentified woman has since been pleading with her husband, to forgive her and nor cancel their marriage, for he still loves him in spite of what happened.

Seriously what the woman did to the man was a bad one. I doubt if he will ever forgive her for doing that to him.

What is your thoughts on this. Do you think that the man should forgive her and move on with their marriage?

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