Controversy Arises as Zimbabwean Man Allegedly Receives R134 Million Tender in South Africa

Report claims Zimbabwean man received an R134 million tender

South Africans were left in shock and disbelief after a Twitter user exposed the awarding of a substantial R134 million tender to a Zimbabwean man, Oberon Matsuvuki.

The report, shared by @ATNewsSA, detailed how Matsuvuki’s company, Ndhuna Civil, received the contract from the North West Department of Public Works and Roads.

The tweet mentioned that Ndhuna Civil had been rewarded the contract to construct a road in Khunotswana, Zeerust, in March of this year. It further claimed that Matsuvuki had abandoned two previous projects in 2021.

Government officials, civil engineers, and business associates have voiced their concerns regarding Matsuvuki’s conduct. Allegedly, he arrived at meetings with officials and engineers in expensive cars, yet claimed to have insufficient funds to complete projects.

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This revelation sparked a wave of comments and discussions on social media. One Twitter user, @FonyokaPondoka, added to the conversation, stating that “Zimbabweans are getting tenders in South Africa.” This comment further fueled the ongoing discussion about foreign involvement in South African tenders.

Commenters expressed their frustration, with one user claiming that even Nigerians were securing Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBE) deals in South Africa and hiring inexpensive foreign labor, leaving locals with limited opportunities.

The situation has raised concerns about transparency and fairness in tender processes, as well as the economic impact on local businesses and employment opportunities for South Africans.


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