Are BB Titans Nigerians Xenophobic?

Big Brother Titans has been airing since Sunday, 15 January 2022. However, it seems that the intention of the show is not giving what many expected when it was touted that it will feature both South Africans and Nigerians living together in the Big Brother mansion.

For years now, South Africans have been labelled as xenophobic. Even by Nigerian stars like Tiwa Savage and Burna Boy. This is despite coming to the country since making the unfounded allegations on how South Africa is dangerous for Nigerians.

As such, for viewers now tuned in to Big Brother Titans, it seems that South Africans might not be as xenophobic as suggested when compared to the sentiments shared by their Nigerian counterparts.

Are Nigerians on BB Titans xenophobic?

Viewers of BB Titans have picked up that the female Nigerian housemates, specifically Jenni O, Olivia, Yvonne and Jaypee have formed their own clique in the Big Brother House. A fact which on the surface makes sense considering that they share the same nationality.

However, it slowly became clear that their clique was formed in an effort to separate themselves from the South African housemates. Especially following their subtle offensive comments. More so when Yvonne referred to the South African female “housemates” as things. – ZAlebs




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