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VIDEO: Sithelo Shozi reportedly doing drugs

Sithelo Shozi is rumored to be doing drugs following a viral video.

In a video shared by Musa Khawula, the DJ can be seen contorting her jaws (supposed lockjaw – a side-effect of some drugs) while taking selfies.

People who are familiar with drug users jumped at the comment to affirm that Shozi is gradually becoming a drug addict.

Comments be like:

“Futhi Andile did himself a favour by leaving this woman for his former jollofina queen.”

“Its called lock jaw..caused by taking ecstasy/mdma, lsd, percs or other pills.”

Meanwhile, some people defended the mother-of-3.

“This is a lie I don’t think this girl is on drugs ur trying so hard to bring her down and she keeps on winning.”

“Kahle bo ngoba a jaw can be affected from the anaesthetic that’s administered during dental procedures . It can go wrong and cause the lasting effects.”

Watch the video below:


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