Rest in peace Chief Azwindini

Gabriel Temudzani “Chief Azwindini Mukwevho” Bids Farewell To Muvhango After 23 Years

Muvhango actor Gabriel Temudzani who played the character of Chief Azwindini Mukwevho, has bid farewell to the SABC2 long-running soapie.

Temudzani had been with the show for more than 23 years, but his journey has sadly ended. In spite of having starred in the production for 23 years, it is unclear why he left.

In a statement released by Muvhango, the production said “Chief Azwindini will be set aflame by Tends who revenges all that put him in jail.”

“The untimely death of the chief will leave the Mukwevho clan in shock and mourning and bring along with it a wave of family drama expected to lead to chaos in the royal house.

The royal family will now be faced with the daunting task of navigating the aftermath of this tragedy, which is sure to be a challenging and emotional process.

Tenda’s kidnapping of Susan (portrayed by Maumela Mahuwa) was the first domino in a chain reaction that ultimately led to the chief’s death. After that, Tenda tampered with evidence to frame Azwindini for Susan’s disappearance. He then planned for Azwindini to be arrested, but police were taken aback when DNA evidence established his innocence and no warrant was issued for his arrest.

This allowed Tenda to bring the chief into his presence before his ex-wife and the mother of his children, where he executed him ruthlessly.”

In a lengthy statement, the actor expressed his gratitude to show viewers for welcoming him to entertain them at home on the small screen. Speaking about his departure, he said: “Life is a collective, and it’s well lived when it’s shared. The Chief of Thathe shall live forever.”

Avid viewers of the show have expressed their heartbreak at his passing and bid farewell to him. – Zalebs


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