ANC Councillor Exposed: Shocking Video Leaked

In a shocking turn of events, ANC councillor Tebogo Sepale has been thrust into the spotlight with the emergence of a series of explicit videos that depict disturbing acts involving men, women, children, and even animals.

South Africans are left questioning the motives behind Tebogo Sepale’s obsession with these explicit activities. According to a close friend who wishes to remain anonymous, Tebogo Sepale’s involvement is connected to “amaboys,” which are said to be tokoloshis that are utilized for a practice known as “ukutwala.”

For those unfamiliar with the term, “ukutwala” involves engaging with amaboys to acquire financial gain and opportunities. In exchange for these benefits, individuals must provide amaboys with the explicit activities depicted in the videos, commonly referred to as “tlof tlof.”

Refusing to comply with amaboys’ demands for tlof tlof can result in them targeting the individual and their family members, including children. The insatiable appetite of amaboys for tlof tlof is allegedly the reason why Tebogo Sepale engaged in such acts with various individuals, regardless of their age or species.

Interestingly, when involved with amaboys, the person engaging in tlof tlof is merely a vessel through which amaboys extract energy and essence from the innocent individuals involved. The more innocent the person, the more powerful amaboys become, and the more financial gain they acquire. Tebogo Sepale’s alleged role as an overseer and prophet in a church, known as Prophet Elija, was supposedly a calculated strategy to gain access to innocent women and children to satisfy amaboys’ desires.

According to Tebogo Sepale’s friend, he was occasionally tasked with sourcing individuals for Tebogo to engage in tlof tlof, as the demands were so high that he had to involve multiple individuals on a daily basis.

In light of the disturbing videos circulating online, Tebogo Sepale has been apprehended, and the ANC has taken immediate action by suspending the councillor pending an internal investigation.


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