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Makhadzi Opens Up About Being Single for 8 Months and Her Search for Love

It seems that Makhadzi is ready for a fresh start in her love life after going through a public split with Master KG. The talented singer has confirmed that she is currently single and has been for the past 8 months.

Makhadzi, who has been quite private about her personal life, recently took to social media to express her feelings about being single. In a heartfelt post, she shared her longing for love and the absence of a romantic relationship in her life.

“So I must be single until when. Yooo it’s been a full 8 months and no one coming to fool me nyana. Guys, I miss being in love, aivho this is no longer normal,” she wrote.

It’s clear that Makhadzi is yearning for companionship and the happiness that comes with being in a loving relationship. After the highly publicized drama surrounding her split with Master KG, she is now ready to open herself up to new possibilities.


Fans of Makhadzi have been showing their support and sending messages of encouragement, hoping that she finds the love she deserves. While the singer continues to focus on her music and career, it’s clear that she also desires a genuine connection with someone special.


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