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Anele Mdoda Defends Dineo Ranaka Following Reports Of Hospital Discharge

Anele Mdoda Comes to Dineo Ranaka’s Defense Amid Hospital Discharge Controversy!

Radio host Anele Mdoda has shown support for Dineo Ranaka after reports emerged that Dineo had discharged herself from a medical facility following an argument with a healthcare worker.

The incident allegedly occurred when Dineo believed she was being filmed by the healthcare worker.

According to Sunday World, despite being cautioned against leaving the facility, Dineo chose to discharge herself. Dineo has not responded to the report.

In a social media post, Anele Mdoda called for understanding and empathy towards Dineo, urging people to extend grace, regardless of their perceptions of her actions.

Anele highlighted that Dineo had expressed her struggles with mental health and the challenging times she was going through.

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Dineo recently shared about her battle with suicidal thoughts, emphasizing her understanding of others who face similar struggles.

She expressed the difficulties she has been experiencing and her efforts to overcome them, underscoring the importance of support during such sensitive and fragile times.


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