I Don’t Even Know Why I Did This: A 45-Year-Old Cop Caught Trying To Sleep With A 17-Year-Old Kid

A shocking incident unfolded when a 45-year-old police officer, identified as Kgomotso, was apprehended while attempting to engage in a s*xual encounter with a 17-year-old minor.

The incident took place during the filming of the television show “Manyonyoba,” which aims to expose individuals involved in inappropriate relationships with young individuals.

Kgomotso, who works for the crimes intelligence wing of the South African Police Services, found himself in a compromising situation when the show’s crew interrupted his planned encounter. Bishop Julius Moloi confronted Kgomotso, who was caught undressed and waiting for the minor in a private room.

During the interrogation, Kgomotso expressed remorse for his actions, admitting that he fell into a trap and could not explain his motivations.

He apologized repeatedly as Bishop Moloi questioned him about his knowledge of the law, considering his profession as a police officer.

When asked about his own children, Kgomotso revealed that he has three children, with the youngest being 18 years old. He claimed to have brought condoms with him, but they were allegedly in his car.

The Bishop questioned the logic behind undressing while in the presence of a minor and the practicality of retrieving the condoms.

Despite Kgomotso’s apologies and pleas for forgiveness, the Bishop remained unconvinced.

The police officer was subsequently taken into custody.

This sad event shows how important it is to keep vulnerable people, especially children, safe from harm and exploitation. It shows how important it is to keep educating people about child safety laws and making sure they are followed strictly. Now, a thorough investigation will be done to make sure that the right legal steps are taken.


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