Franschhoek Video: A White Man Beats Up A Woman In A Pool

A video capturing a heated altercation between a white man and a black woman at a pool in Franschhoek has ignited a strong reaction on social media.

The footage was shared on Twitter by user @Mbulelodwane, who called for assistance in identifying the man involved and accused him of assaulting the woman.

The incident quickly garnered attention, with many social media users initially perceiving it as racially motivated. However, subsequent details emerged, indicating that the woman had allegedly attempted to steal the man’s phone before the confrontation took place.

Witnesses reported that the woman fell into the pool during the incident, and the man intervened to prevent the alleged theft.


As discussions unfolded, opinions varied widely.

Some people argued that the man’s actions were justified, regardless of race, given the reported theft attempt. Others expressed concerns about the use of force and raised questions about the circumstances surrounding the incident.

The man in video

The video and ensuing online debates have sparked a contentious conversation, highlighting issues of race, theft, and appropriate responses to such situations.


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