Addressing Illegal Immigration: Taxi Drivers in Bree Taxi Rank Take a Stand (VIDEO)

Taxi Drivers in Bree Taxi Rank Celebrate after Violently Evicting Illegal Immigrants Trading There

Illegal immigration has become a pressing issue in South Africa, sparking concerns about its impact on the economy, job opportunities, and community safety.

In response, local residents are taking matters into their own hands to address this issue in their communities.

The taxi drivers around Bree Taxi Rank are a good example of this.

They recently made headlines for their brave actions against illegal immigrants who were doing unofficial business in their area.

Taxi drivers were worried that these traders were leaving trash around and not following government rules about trading.

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Together with the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department, the South Africa Police Service has also taken action by arresting a number of people in the area who didn’t have proper papers.


These arrests show that everyone is working together to stop illegal immigration and follow the law.

Their efforts to keep an eye on the Bree taxi rank have led to actions that have stopped illegal immigrants from doing business in the area.


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