5 dead, Taxi driver Belhar “jumped a red robot” and collided with a bus

5 people died in Belhar tragedy when a taxi driver "jumped a red robot" and crashed into a bus, causing outrage

Daily Voice – The driving of taxi operators has once again come under the spotlight, following an accident in Belhar yesterday which claimed the lives of five people.

It is alleged that the driver of a taxi transporting mense to work and church jumped a red traffic light on Sonata Way and collided with a Golden Arrow bus.

Upon impact, the Quantum taxi reportedly flipped and its occupants flung from the vehicle.

A source, who first arrived at the scene on Sunday around 7am, said the taxi driver received medical care while his passengers were lying in the road, some busy dying. Police spokesperson FC van Wyk confirmed a case of culpable homicide was opened.


“Five people, three males and two females aged between 25 and 40 died at the scene,” Van Wyk said.

“Ten people were taken to nearby hospitals for medical treatment. According to reports the white Quantum taxi came from Delft drove along Sonata Way and the Golden Arrow bus was travelling on Symphony Way direction Stellenbosch Arterial.

“The collision happened in the intersection.”

The SAPS Accident Response Unit attended the scene and the investigation is still ongoing with no arrests yet, he added.

Golden Arrow spokesperson Bronwen Dyke-Beyer said two bus passengers suffered minor injuries.

“From what we understand a taxi driver jumped a red robot causing the collision with our bus,” she added.

“Our driver also sustained an injury to the knee and will be receiving counselling.

“As GABS we will co-operate with whatever is needed in the investigation.

“We would also like to express our condolences to tje affected families.”

Residents have since lashed out about taxi drivers’ behaviour on the road.

A resident posted on Facebook: “Again another taxi, they don’t stop at that robot. You give way to them to go over the red robot because they force you out of the way.”

Another agreed, and suggested that guilty taxi drivers’ licences be taken away.

Belhar CPF member Ismail Arnold sent their condolences to the families: “We understand that not all the families have been notified, so their identity cannot be released yet.”

MEC for Mobility, Ricardo Mackenzie, wysed taxi drivers to behave responsibly on the roads.

“We need to ask all our drivers to adhere to the rules of the road to save lives. Sadly, more people are losing their loved ones because of alleged irresponsible road behaviour,” Mackenzie said.

He added that the department’s Provincial Regulatory Entity will be investigating whether the taxi has an active operating licence.


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