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A Traditional Healer Explains Eleven Uses Of Castor Oil

A Sangoma Advices Why Everyone Should Use Castor Oil And Its Benefits

We should be thanking to the use of cellphones, if there were not cellphones information wouldn’t have been so easy to find.

A traditional healer shared a video on social media explaining how important it is to have castor oil around the house.

He gave out five important uses of this magical herb, he later adviced people that knowledge should be shared freely without asking anything in return.

” We need to keep knowledge by giving it out for free” he said.

If your neighbor needs healing it is your responsibility to help, do not let people come to use for miner illnesses.

Let your knowledge give life to the people, forgetting about what people will say about your remedies because you never know who you will heal.

What is said is very true people doubt themselves because they want to share information that has a source forgetting that information is sacred.

Using castor oil can be beneficial when you have yeast infection, cysts, breast limps, sperm count and mobility, abdominal pains or even cancer symptoms.

He suggests to use organic castoe oil or pressed castor oil.



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