Heath Streak Is Alive: Cricket Legend’s Mother Speaks Amid Death Rumours

Heath Streak's Mother Denies False Reports of His Death

Karen Streak, the mother of former Zimbabwean cricket star Heath Streak, has strongly dismissed the untrue news circulating about her son’s passing.

Despite widespread claims stating that the former cricketer had passed away recently, Karen Streak has verified that these reports are completely false.

In an interview with The Chronicle, Karen clarified the situation:

“Heath is not well, but he is fine. He is here at the farm, walking about and cracking jokes. As a family, we are disturbed by the news and the phone has not stopped ringing, considering who Heath is. I am picking up the phones so that I put the record straight,” Karen stated.

Heath has been facing an illness for some time now, being diagnosed with stage four cancer. He has been undergoing treatment both at home and in South Africa.

The family spokesperson, Joseph Rego, also confirmed this morning that Heath is indeed alive and currently on the farm. Rego, a long-time friend and advisor of Streak, emphasized that Heath’s well-being remains intact.

Soon after Heath Streak’s former teammate Henry Olonga announced his supposed passing, Olonga later shared another message contradicting the news.

Olonga posted a screenshot of his WhatsApp conversation with someone appearing to be Heath Streak, where Streak himself confirmed that he is ‘very much alive’ and asked Olonga to remove the previous update.

“I can confirm that rumours of the demise of Heath Streak have been greatly exaggerated. I just heard from him. The third umpire has called him back. He is very much alive folks,” Olonga wrote.

The situation reveals that Heath Streak is alive and refutes the misinformation that was circulating.

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