eNCA Boss Allegedly Accused Of S3xual Harassment

Sexual Harassment Scandal Rocks eNCA: Employee Allegedly Dismissed After Reporting Misconduct

eNCA, one of South Africa’s leading news channels, finds itself embroiled in a controversy following allegations of s3xual harassment against a senior staff member.

The incident reportedly occurred during a staff party, where the accused individual is accused of making inappropriate advances towards an employee, who subsequently lost her job after raising concerns.

According to reports, the employee filed a complaint alleging that the head of the department made unwelcome physical contact and inappropriate remarks during the event.

Despite her objections, the harassment allegedly continued, leading her to report the matter to the company’s human resources department.

Shockingly, she was later dismissed from her position, raising speculation about potential repercussions for speaking out against the accused.

Sources close to the situation reveal that the victim’s termination was purportedly attributed to unrelated grounds, with claims of moonlighting lacking substantial evidence.

However, an arbitration award in her favor suggests otherwise, with the victim reportedly awarded compensation of approximately R100,000.

The channel’s refusal to honor the settlement has further compounded the situation, prompting the victim to pursue legal action.

In response, eNCA’s Group Head of Human Resources, Lee-Anndree John, emphasized the company’s commitment to a zero-tolerance policy against harassment.

While acknowledging the victim’s complaint, John asserted that her dismissal was unrelated to the allegations and was thoroughly investigated internally.

Despite ongoing investigations, the victim has opted not to engage with the media, citing the sensitivity of the matter.

Nevertheless, the incident underscores the importance of addressing workplace harassment and ensuring accountability for all parties involved.

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