“It’s by God’s grace that I haven’t lost my mind”

Mihlali Ndamase's Family Seeks Spiritual Guidance

In a growing trend among celebrities, influencer Mihlali Ndamase’s family recently sought the guidance of a prophet, shedding light on the increasing reliance on spiritual advisors for mental wellness support.

In a revealing video shared on the prophet’s page, Mihlali’s mother, Phumla Ndamase, a businesswoman, received a prophecy regarding her mental well-being.

The prophet expressed concerns about Phumla’s potential susceptibility to bipolar disorder, especially considering her brother’s battle with the condition.

“I am seeing a recommendation for you to be on anti-depressants,” the prophet advised, acknowledging the weight of Phumla’s past experiences.

Additionally, Mihlali’s cousin was also addressed by the prophet, who warned of similar mental health challenges if not delivered from potential afflictions.

“The family needs deliverance, the whole family,” the prophet emphasized, indicating a collective need for spiritual intervention.

Phumla Ndamase admitted that her family has struggled to openly address their issues in the past, marking this consultation with the prophet as a significant step towards healing and understanding.

This development comes amidst past incidents where Mihlali fervently defended her family’s privacy from social media scrutiny, urging followers to refrain from involving her loved ones in controversies.

Mihlali reiterated that while she chose fame, her family did not, urging for respect and privacy amid public discussions.

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