Lwah Ndlunkulu Won’t Be Making Any More Maskandi Songs Or Features

Singer Lwah Ndlunkulu Swears Off Maskandi Music After Disrespect

Singer Lwah Ndlunkulu has made a bold decision to distance herself from the maskandi genre following a tumultuous experience with her collaboration on Mthandeni Manqele’s hit song “Paris.”

The artist, known for her contributions to the music industry, expressed her dismay over the backlash and disrespect she received from maskandi fans, leading her to vow never to venture into the genre again.

In a candid discussion on the Inqubeko News Channel podcast, Lwah, whose real name is Lwandile Mtshali, revealed her struggle to enjoy the success of “Paris” due to ongoing rivalry within the maskandi community.

Despite the song’s remarkable achievements, including 9 million streams on Spotify and over 13 million views on YouTube, Lwah faced criticism and animosity from fans who accused her of favoritism towards Mthandeni.

Expressing her disappointment with the state of affairs in the maskandi industry, Lwah emphasized the need for unity among artists and an end to the feud between Mthandeni and Khuzani.

She called for a collective effort to elevate the genre rather than succumbing to petty disputes.

Reflecting on her recent absence from a scheduled performance with Mthandeni, Lwah clarified that her decision was due to communication issues with the artist and reiterated her commitment to professional protocols under Nkabi Records.

As tensions simmer in the maskandi community, Lwah Ndlunkulu remains resolute in her choice to prioritize peace and protect her music career from unnecessary drama and conflict.

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