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Top Six Richest South Africans And Their Net Worth – 12/04/24

Meet the Top 6 Richest South Africans – Their Wealth Will Leave You Speechless!

When it comes to money, these South Africans are playing in a league of their own. Prepare to be amazed by their staggering fortunes!

Keeping a pulse on the wealthiest individuals, Forbes’ real-time billionaire tracker reveals that Johann Rupert and his family reign supreme in South Africa, boasting a jaw-dropping net worth of $10.8 billion.

Hot on their heels is diamond tycoon Nicky Oppenheimer, whose riches soar to $9.5 billion, securing his prominent position among the country’s elite.

While Bernard Arnault leads the global list, South Africa’s wealthiest make a significant impact on the international stage.

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Here’s a snapshot of the top six richest South Africans as of April 12, 2024:

Rank Name Net worth
198 Johann Rupert $10.8 billion
253 Nicky Oppenheimer $9.5 billion
1 227 Koos Bekker $2.7 billion
1 286 Patrice Motsepe $2.6 billion
2 472 Michiel Le Roux $1.2 billion
2 519 Christo Wiese $1.2 billion

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