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5 Signs that the ancestors are angry at you

Our ancestors communicate with us in many different ways, when they want attention from us or when they are angry they usually cause some complications in our lives. We need to understand that the spirits do not communicate and exchange words in a conversation like human beings do.

Our ancestors need to be obeyed, we need to honor them and keep incontact with them spiritually to avoid unnecessary complications in our lives.

Let us look at signs that might show that your ancestors are angry

1. Irritability and Anger

The ancestral anger will manifest in ones life, A person who struggles with unresolved anger will demonstrate a variety of behaviors that indicate inner battle, anger is hard to hide. The angry spirits sits on you and transfer their anger on you, hence you will be easily irritated.

2. Repeated car accidents

When the ancestors are angry, they tempt to want to destroy your life in order to get attention from you. You will have misfortunes of car accidents now and than, you may come out not injured at all, slightly injured or heavily injured.

3. Dreaming of Snakes chasing you

Snakes in a dream represents the ancestors, but once they attack or chase you it represents ancestral anger.

4. Live stock dying

The ancestors protect their live stocks at home (goats, cows, sheep, chicken etc), Once they are angry the live stock will start dying, at some case they get missing one by one and never found.

5. Crying for no good reason

The angry spirits sit on you and transfer their anger and sorrow upon you, so you will feel like crying for no valid reason.

Ancestors live in a spiritual world, they don’t communicate the same manner that we do. Ancestral anger cause a lot of chaos in your life, things go wrong suddenly. You may loose your job, partner, loose money, your house and your loved ones. It is always important to keep our ancestors happy,when we heal the ancestors we also get healed,if they don’t have peace on the other side, you will also not have peace until they are set free.