Home News Sandile Mantsoe guilty of Karabo Mokoena’s murder

Sandile Mantsoe guilty of Karabo Mokoena’s murder

JOHANNESBURG – Sandile Mantsoe has been found guilty of Karabo Mokoena’s murder.

Mantsoe was accused of killing his 22-year-old girlfriend, Mokoena, last year, burning her body and dumping it in a veld in Lyndhurst.

In his ruling on Wednesday, Judge Peet Johnson has found that the State managed to prove beyond reasonable doubt that he had murdered Mokoena and burnt her body to try and destroy the evidence.

“That the deceased did not have a tendency to commit suicide, did not attempt it, did not commit it and that the accused killed her.”

He’s questioned why Mantsoe felt the need to dispose of Mokoena’s body if he had not killed her.

Johnson has accused Mantsoe of trying to paint Mokoena as suicidal and depressed in order to drive his narrative that she had taken her own life.

The court will soon hear whether sentencing proceedings will continue Wednesday afternoon.