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Screen time for Somizi’s daughter Bahumi Mlongo

There’s a saying that goes; ” There are many ways to kill a cat”, well in this regard it implies that there are various ways of cracking into the entertainment industry.

Bahumi Mlongo ,is vigilantly carving a career in the world of acting. Loyal viewers of SABC 2’s Keeping Score have probably caught a glimpse of her artistry when she portrayed the character of Zola. Bahumi has fierce creative genes that run deeply in her bloodline which include, South African legends within the realm of the Arts, the late comedy icon, Ndaba Mhlongo, veteran actress, Mary Twala, top choreographer and all round entertainer, Somizi Mhlongo and of course, her equally talented actress mother, Palesa Madisakwane.

Bahumi gained popularity on Mzansi Magic’s, Living The Life With Somizi, where she co starred with her father, Somizi Mhlongo. What the masses didn’t know was that more talents were to be unleashed hereafter.

Hoping to someday get her big break as an actress, Bahumi braved it out when she auditioned for the late pop sensation, Lebo Mathosa’s role in the upcoming biopic titled, the The Lebo Mathosa Story, which is set to air on BET.

Speaking to Daily Sun. The 24 year old Bahumi said the following:“I always like to represent people in my performances who I know have made an enormous difference in the entertainment industry, and I do it well,” she said. “I really looked up to Lebo Mathosa and I want to represent her in a way that I feel she should be represented.”

Another celebrity kid that tried her luck was, King of Kwaito’s daughter, Owami Mafokate. Arthur Mafokate had this to say to the publication:”You can’t have a Lebo story without having Queen. They grew up together and were friends from an early age. So I encouraged Owami to go audition as Lebo, but who knows she might impress them enough to play her own mom in the series. It’s just an experience for her.”

We certainly can not wait for the unveiling of the actress that will take on this inspiring role of one of South Africa’s musical icons – Lebo Mathosa.

Source: ZAlebs