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Watch: Zodwa gives away expensive coat

Local entertainer Zodwa Wabantu has major love for her fans who brave out all sorts of weather to come and see her.

On what was a cold night, the dancer who barely covers her body regardless of the weather, decided to give away her coat which apparently costs R1600 and her silver top at one of her shows.

In the video she later shared on social media, the queen of the dance-floor can be seen taking off her coat and throwing it into the adoring crowd.

“How area you?,” she first asked her fans, “you are so beautiful, you know because i’m always naked but i’m cold, it’s cold here who is going to wear this? This is Guess, R1600,” she said before throwing it into the crowd.

The entertainer is known to be very engaging when it comes to her fans, which hasn’t always been a good thing with the weave snatching incident coming to mind.