PICS: Jub Jub’s house shot by a gun?

Jub Jub’s house shot at by a gun? Has Jub Jub has just Twitted a picture of a gun shot on one of his windows at his home or he is just seeking attention and sympathy?

Jub Jub has shared a picture of a broken glass probably hit by a gun. His fans have gone crazy as they fear for his life.

The hip hop artist has a dangerous job. He is the host of South Africa’s most viewed TV show Uyajola9/9. The Moja Love program is a cheaters busting real life show. Jub Jub investigates cheaters after getting tips from their disgruntled partners and sometimes encroaches into people’s privacy.

He remains a popular TV personality despite being very unpopular with the people he films. On one unlucky day he was chased away from Ellis Park by taxi drivers as he was filming a cheating incident.

So dramatic are the scenes that sometimes the crew makes use of drones to capture running cheaters.

It remains to be seen if Jub Jub means anything serious by his broken window post. Jub Jub has not given an explanation about his post and he has not responded to our questions. His fans can only pray for his safety as he is frequently threatened across all his episodes.

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