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Uzalo Nkunzi’s Long Lost Brother… Fans Find The Perfect Candidate

If Uzalo writers ever think of bringing up a long lost brother for the resident villain Nkunzi Mhlongo, they need to look no further.

Maritzburg United player Judas Moseamedi is a dead ringer for actor Masoja Msiza, who plays the role of Nkunzi.

It seems some fans have noticed that as well in the past with one commenting on Twitter

Guys is it me or does Judas Moseamedi of Maritzburg Utd look a lot like Masoja Msiza from Uzalo?

Although it is highly unlikely that the Uzalo producers would fish in the football pitch for a character to play Nkunzi’s brother, it’s good to have options.

Nkunzi is known for his ruthless ways, murder, blackmail, robbery is what a typical working day sounds like to Nkunzi.

Now imagine if he had a brother to join him in his activities, he would be basically untouchable.

Nkunzi has been brought down several times by his long list of enemies, having a brother who wouldn’t betray him no matter the cost, would be formidable.

It can only be wishful thinking on our part, however were sure Masoja Msiza wouldn’t mind calling Judas Moseamedi his brother from another mother.

Meanwhile social media was brought to a standstill for a moment, after news broke out that Masoja Msiza had died in a car accident.

People were in disbelief as they contemplated a future without Nkunzi on Uzalo.

However the actor rubbished the rumors and said he is alive and well and in typical Nkunzi style, he blamed his haters for wanting to bring him down

“I am alive, well, and kicking. It is through the mercy of God. I am aware that there are malicious rumours that are spreading like wildfire. They are escalating … All I can say is it is the work of the envious, jealous and haters.” sad the actor


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