Education department gives an update on the learner who was bullied and stripped by fellow learner

The KwaZulu-Natal provincial education department has given an update about the bullied learner from Mathole Secondary school. The department said in a statement that the victim is recovering very well and she’s back at school. The learner was assaulted and her underwear stripped off by fellow learner. A video clip of the whole ordeal was circulated on social media and it sparked a huge public outrage.

According to the education department, claims that the bullied learner has since passed on are untrue. “The victim is receiving professional counseling and she’s responding positively to the therapy,” said the department. They added that they are in constant communication with the principal of the school in a bid to follow up on the traumatized learner.

On Monday, the video caused a stir when it made rounds on social media. In the video, one learner can be seen repeatedly beating and kicking another learner who is crying and pleading for mercy. Other learners can be heard cheering. Both learners were dressed in school uniform seemingly on their way back from school.

After a public outcry, the KZN education department had to suspect two learners who were involved in the bullying. The department is also seeking legal advice on how the humiliating video clip can be removed from social media platforms.



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