Vusi Thembekwayo Cleared Of Domestic Abus3 Charges

Vusi Thembekwayo Cleared of Assault Charges

In 2021, entrepreneur and motivational speaker Vusi Thembekwayo faced a tumultuous ordeal when he was arrested for alleged domestic abuse, a charge brought forth by his wife, Palesa Thembekwayo.

Palesa accused him of physical violence, including multiple slaps and dragging her down the stairs by her feet.

After a period of legal proceedings, the Randburg Magistrate Court delivered its verdict on Friday, finding Thembekwayo not guilty of assault.

The court cited inconsistencies and changes in Palesa’s statements as factors leading to this decision, ultimately clearing Thembekwayo of the charges against him.

Despite the legal victory, Thembekwayo expressed the profound impact the ordeal had on his life, work, and family dynamics.

He asserted his innocence, stating, “I am not an abuser, and I needed the court to prove it.”

The entrepreneur revealed the immense strain the legal battle had on his professional endeavors, emphasizing the importance of clearing his name for the sake of his children and his hard-earned reputation.

While Thembekwayo refrained from commenting on the status of his relationship with his wife, Palesa, who could not be reached for comment, it is known that they share three children together.

Both entrepreneurs, they co-founded My Growth Fund, dedicated to supporting and financing black entrepreneurs, showcasing their commitment to business and community development.

Despite the challenges faced, Thembekwayo’s exoneration marks a significant victory amidst personal turmoil, allowing him to move forward with renewed determination and a sense of vindication.

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