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PICS: The Queen Cast And Their Fancy Cars

Such is the life of the rich and famous, from luxurious houses to flashy cars, the acting gigs definitely seem to pay off.

Although most actors and actresses have revealed that they’re not that wealthy in real life, as their onscreen characters, some of them have been in the industry for a very long time, such that they have managed to amass a lot of wealth and have a comfortable life.

Some have also endorsed motor vehicle brands and have received better deals from the car company which enables them to have the car of their dreams on discount and reasonable payment plans.

Here we have the cast of The Queen and their flashy whips.

Leading the pack is Connie Ferguson and her husband Shona Ferguson.

Connie Ferguson who plays Harriet Khoza owns a luxurious black Bentley.

Shona Ferguson who played Jerry Maake owns a Range Rover and a BMW i8 and a black G-Wagon and two bikes.

Jessica Nkosi who plays Thando Sebata owns a beastly Volvo SUV.

Loyiso McDonald who plays Kagiso Khoza owns a pretty fancy Audi.

SK Khoza who plays the role of Shaka owns a Mercedes X5.

The recently fired Nay Maps who plays Dingane Khoza, owns a white Mercedes A200.

Themba Ndaba who plays Brutus Khoza drives a Mercedes Benz.

Khuli Roberts who plays the character of Mildred also drives a Mercedes

If we’re to judge these actors by their cars we would say they are living the life or rather they earn more than the average person on the street.

– IHarare

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