The River: Lindiwe Vs Tumi’s Similarities And Differences

The River Review-It took a long time for Tumi played by Larona Moagi and Lindiwe Dikana played by Sindi Dlathu to finally get along and play the mother and daughter that we are seeing today. Both characters have tried numerous times to kill each other and finally called it quits when they killed their loved ones. Tumi killed Mbali and Lindiwe killed Tumi’s father. Mbali’s character had to come to an end so that Lindiwe could have one daughter and so that the spotlight would be on one daughter.

We already know that Lindiwe didn’t raise Tumi and in fact, wanted to abort her because Lindiwe was struggling (in poverty). Although this duo still butts heads, they have a lot more in common than they think.

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Here are the similarities between Lindiwe and Tumi:

Both Tumi and Lindiwe are driven by money. Lindiwe killed Thato Mokoena (Tumi’s father) in the first season because he found a diamond that made her a multi-millionaire.

Tumi is cheating on Lindani because he wants to impregnate her and settle down in an RDP house, while she wants to explore the world, travel and make tons of money. Tumi has gotten so comfortable in her mother’s mansion that she doesn’t want to live in Refilwe township ever again.

They both grew up in poverty…in Refilwe township to be specific, so they know what it’s like to have nothing and what it’s like to have everything.

Here are the differences between Lindiwe and Tumi

Lindiwe has never cheated on Zweli no matter how tough things got, even when they were no longer together, she never once dated another man.

Tumi is not as vicious and evil as her mother. Even though Tumi intended to kill Lindiwe instead of her half-sister; Mbali, she never wanted Mbali dead (it was an accident)

Lindiwe is Zulu speaking, while Tumi is Sesotho speaking because she grew up in a Sesotho household.


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