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Couples That Are Divorcing In Soapville

Divorce isn’t an easy process in soapville as it is in real life. There are so many things to consider before permanently leaving your spouse like the kids, your assets, your extended family, the memories you shared, and the trauma that follows a divorce.

Here is a compilation of 3 Couples That Are Divorcing In Soapville:

Generations: Mazwi and Sphe

Mazwi and Sphe are not an ordinary couple. They didn’t meet by chance, fall in love, and decide to get married like most couples on this list. They were ‘forced’ to get married to benefit their families and to align their families and future generations. They have never had a connection like most couples because their relationship was never natural. Sphe cheated on Mazwi before with Gadaffi and her brother-in-law; Smanga and Mazwi are now cheating on her with Fikile without any guilt. Out of all the couples on this list, these two would be better off apart than together.

Rhythm City: Nandi and Khulekani

When the citizens met this couple for the first, they never really understood how an elegant lady like Nandi could marry a gangster like Khulekani. Nandi doesn’t seem to know who the real Khulekani is at all, she saw a caring husband, a great businessman and fantastic father while he’s actually bisexual, a drug lord, and a murderer. Fans cannot stand Khulekani and they are pleased that she saw the light and will finally sign the divorce papers.

Skeem Saam: Leeto and Mokgadi

Leeto and Mokgadi have become so toxic towards each other that we don’t even remember them being anything else. Mokgadi has become a nagging wife who’s only concerned about cleaning up her son’s dirt. Leeto is constantly threatening to send her son to prison if he doesn’t confess his sins to the cops. Mokgadi deserves to get divorced; no sane man will stay with a woman who’s constantly threatening to leak information that could destroy his career should he proceed with the divorce.


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