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Ntsiki Mazwai Thinks “Jerusalema” Is Nomcebo Featuring Master KG

Ntsiki Mazwai has done it again and managed to drive conversation following supporting an inflammatory statement about the alleged lack of recognition that Nomcebo Zikode gets.

It all started when respected activist, Beverley Palesa Ditsie, took to Twitter and suggested that there is an “erasure of black women.” To prove her point she suggested that that was the case with the mega hit, “Jerusalema,” by Master KG, featuring Nomcebo Zikode. She alleged that Nomcebo does not get celebrated as much as Master KG, and that it should “Jerusalema” by Nomcebo Zikode, featuring Master KG because she wrote and sung the lyrics.

Mamiya first supported the statement, and stirred the pot when she continued on the tangent by discussing equity. Ntsiki suggested that Nomcebo should get an equal pay as Master KG from the song considering that she wrote the lyrics and sung the song. Ntsiki could not resist adding some classic shade by suggesting that if Nomcebo does not get a 50% share, then Master KG should pay her like a “session artist.” The supposition is that the song would not have been as big as it is if it were different- probably male vocalist- had been the vocalist and songwriter.

Many have questioned the part where Ntsiki and Dr Beverly categorically state that Nomcebo is not acknowledged for her contributions. Rarely did you ever see that when Jerusalema is acknowledged, especially by local outlets and publications that Nomcebo Zikokde is not acknowledged for her contribution to making that song a hit. Moreover, Master KG has continued to promote, tag and endorse the musical efforts of Nomcebo. Master KG has been conscious to always either tag or hashtag Nomcebo when Jerusalema achieves another milestone.

The only “people” not have acknowledged Nomcebo were the international nods that Master KG received. When Cristiano Ronaldo shared the video that has the song as the soundtrack he did not credit anyone for the song, including Master KG. But when Janet Jackson did show the song love, she credited Master KG, but not Nomcebo. But to the point that many South Africans have made to Ntsiki’s supposition, is that Nomcebo has been acknowledged and as a result has never once come out with negativity directed at Master KG.

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Moreover, Nomcebo is signed to Master KG’s record label. During the release of her debut album, “Xola Moya Wam’,” Master KG also used his social media platforms to promote the album. When the album achieves milestones, Master KG has publicly acknowledged the feats and congratulated Nomcebo.

– ZAlebs

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