Skeem Saam: Glenda Leaves Kwaito For Sakhile

7de Laan’s Dr. Fikani and Skeem Saam’s Sakhile will return to Turfloop to cause havoc in people’s relationships in November, particularly Kwaito’s relationships. We know that Kwaito is in a love triangle with both Elizabeth and Glenda and neither of his girlfriends is happy about being second and being the third wheel.

When Sakhile left Skeem Saam for 7de Laan, he was in a relationship with the boring, old, throw your hands in the air, 90s wannabe character; Cindy (Lehasa’s business partner). The heartthrob was introduced to us at Skeem Saam’s fictional Johannesburg University and was in a relationship Enhle who Tbose ended up dating.

He’s currently in a relationship with an older woman; Cindy, but it won’t be for long! Sakhile is a professor and he’s more mature this time around. He is not happy in his relationship with Cindy because he wants to settle down and start a family, whereas Cindy is more career-focused and doesn’t want to have children at her age.

Sakhile was at the launch of The Maphosa Nutz re-launch and Glenda who works at the factory caught his eye. He’s going to visit Turfloop in the hope of bumping into Glenda and making a move on her. Glenda is going to be flattered that someone of his stature would be interested in her and decline because she’s in-love with Kwaito.

She will eventually accept his request in the hopes of making Kwaito jealous. She’s going to purposely go out with Sakhile at Capsys so that Katlego Peterson (Capsy’s owner and Kwaito’s friend) will see them and tell Kwaito.

Glenda has become strategic and is tired of being nice and doesn’t want to share Kwaito anymore. However, she doesn’t realize that she’s falling hopelessly in-love with Sakhile the more time she spends with him. She’s going to become selfish and eventually leave Kwaito for Sakhile.

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