Limpopo Province Is Causing Problems For Other Provinces

Tribalists have become the worst critics recently as Limpopo province keeps winning and the shine is currently on them.

Before Limpopo, their focus was on Eastern Cape because the former Miss South Africa and rugby captain Siya Kolisi are both from Eastern Cape.

Last year Xhosa appreciation period was misinterpreted by many and some just exaggerated. Yes, they carried the whole country. People never complained as much as they are now.

From building beautiful houses in the riral areas of Limpopo to producing the freshest talent, tribalists are anything but happy and they have a mouthful to say to vent out their disapproval.

From Shudufhadzo, Master KG, Sho Madjozi, Makhadzi, My Yoki Yoki, to their delicious avocado, Limpopians are definitely winning this round. Not forgetting the honorable President Cyril Ramaphosa, who is also Limpopo’s breed.

King Monada and Makhadzi gave South Africa Song of the Year, Makhadzi with Matorokisi last year, King Monada in 2017 ,Moreki and idibsla in 2018.

God is blessing Limpopo amidst the pandemic. It’s not a competition. People are creating unnecessary competition with the other tribe.

Miss South Africa still has to go and compete for miss universe, yet there is unnecessary competition within the same country.

Citizens should rejoice and be happy as one country. Congradulations to South Africa’s Eden. They did well.


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