Is Ramaphosa Addressing South Africa Tonight? This Is What to Expect

There is no doubt in any South Africans mind that Cyril Ramaphosa has gone missing on South Africans. He has not spoken to the country in about 2 months now which leaves South Africans wondering what exactly is going on. The president usually addresses the nation on Sunday’s when everybody is sitting well at home and can clearly listen to what he has to say. Will he do the same today?

The last time the president talked with the nation was when he introduced the lockdown level 1 which we are currently under. This pleased a lot of South Africans but that was the last time. There has been a lot that has changed from the last address that he needs to address. This article will outline those things.

The first thing that the country wants to here is obviously related to money. The lockdown came with a few benefits for those that would be disadvantaged by it. These benefits ere the UIF TERs and the R350 unemployment grant. The country wants to know exactly how these two have played themselves out since the lockdown started until now and what is the plan for the upcoming months.

The R350 grant was extended by the president back when they were given an economic recovery strategy. During this strategy delivery, Cyril Ramaphosa announced that the Grant will continue for a further three months up until December. The issue is that he never touched on the people that have not received their Grant ever since March. These are amongst the things South Africa one answers for during the national dress.

The country is currently in the dark without the guidance of its president. The health minister has been sick from the Covid-19 virus for almost a week now and the country assumed the president will give valid updates on the state of the country at the moment. There were rumours of a second wave from many sources, the president needs to address this issue because it has many South Africans panicking.

The country will wait as the day progresses to see if the President will address South Africans. He has really become comfortable with not addressing the nation. It seems as if he is no longer taking the virus as serious as he used to. Before, he could address the country every 2 weeks. Now it’s almost 2 months with nothing.

What is your take on the matter? Is Ramaphosa belittling the virus by being so quiet on updating the country on what is happening or is he too busy? What would you love to have him talk about in his next address?


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